Whitestone Cheese

Whitestone Cheese

Clean water, rich soil, quality pastures, a temperate climate and contented cows all make for premium milk.

Whitestone’s cheeses are named after regional place names in North Otago, this is to reflect the regional nature of our products. The flavours replicated are a result of our region’s climate, water and soils, producing the grass which is then grazed upon – producing regional specific milk.

All of our cheeses are made using only natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives are added. We are true to the source of our raw grass feed milk and believe the natural flavours should be allowed to carry through. Therefore, minimal flavour enhancers are added – natural maple smoke being the greatest one we use. 

Vegetarian microbial rennet is used in all of our cheeses.

When serving always let your cheese come up to room temperature to let the starter cultures wake up, produces a more pronounced flavour.