The Chocolate Fish Co

The Chocolate Fish Co

No one knows the complete story of the chocolate fish, however like most traditions, it came out of the melting pot from ideas of many people. It is not known when this confectionary treat transitioned to a reward of a job well done or the forfeit for a bet.

All Kiwis’ understand the expression ‘that person deserves a chocolate fish.’ The recipient of a chocolate fish is in no doubt of the sincerity of the thanks they received. 

The Chocolate Fish Company founded in 2016, have taken up the baton with their solid chocolate Giant Kokopu (New Zealand’s largest native freshwater fish and one of the five species who’s young make up whitebait).

The chocolate is made in New Zealand from Fair Trade and organic sourced raw ingredients combined with New Zealand milk.

All printing and packaging is recyclable (flow wrap) and biodegrade (gift card the giant kokopu chocolate fish rests on) and made in New Zealand.

Each fish is presented on a cardboard tray which when opened tells a story of one of many inspirational New Zealanders.

In addition, the purchase of a chocolate fish contributes funding to clean up New Zealand waterways.