Coffee Masterclasses with The Barista Academy

Coffee Masterclasses with The Barista Academy

Putting craft into coffee

After 21 years in the coffee industry, we saw the need for better quality Barista training.

Other training programmes teach basic skills, but not how to work confidently in the stressful environment of a café. Others focus on only one kind of machine, or work with one kind of bean – hardly the broad set of skills a master needs.

Making coffee is a physical skill that must be learnt and practiced – and that takes time. We’ve designed The Barista Academy system to give you that time. You’ll refine your skills and develop your techniques with expert guidance, during our brain friendly practical training sessions.

You learn the many ways coffee can be made, and develop your own unique barista style. So you’ll calmly and confidently be able to tackle the busiest environment – even with unfamiliar beans, or on an ‘old skool’ coffee machine.