Blitzd is a mobile food Trailer which offers healthy fresh and wholesome breakfast smoothie bowls and smoothies.

 We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our product is Vegan, gf, df and organic.

 We have aspired to make our smoothies have a certain quality about them that differs from any other smoothie you might find. These qualities are easily achievable with the simplest of ingredients. We capture all the senses while enjoying our smoothie bowls.

 The sweet taste, texture like sorbet, vibrant colors but most importantly, extremely good for you. We are a small team but aim to grow with the public. Our goal is to allow people to experience how eating healthy can be quick, easy and delicious. We hope to make smoothie bowls viral and make Summer a place to remember it by.

 Our smoothie bowls are definitely something you can’t miss. Let’s get Blitzd.