Barista Academy

Barista Academy

The Barista Academy are putting craft into coffee with their training courses for Baristas and are joining the 2017 show to run the exciting new Barista Zone.

You’ll refine your skills and develop your techniques with expert guidance, during their brain-friendly practical training sessions.

Espresso101 Masterclass

Limited to only 20 tickets per session, in this 45 minute Masterclass you will learn how to make coffee like your favourite Barista.

This fun masterclass covers the fundamentals of making great coffee at home.

Coffee beans & flavours.  Coffee drink recipes and beverage building.  Extractions.  Grinders.  Milk texturing.  Basic Pouring.  Machine maintenance and cleaning.  Trouble shooting & machinery and any other questions that come up along the way

Also learn about beans and the latest coffee trends.

Sensory Coffee Masterclass

Wine & whiskey tasting is so last year – learn to taste, describe and appreciate your daily coffee, a 45 minute masterclass limited to just 20 coffee lovers.

Coffee tasting is very similar to wine or whisky tasting. In this fun and educational class we taste a variety of coffee’s teaching you how to identify flavours and expand your palate to appreciate the world of specialty coffee.

You learn about the flavour wheel and how the coffee variety, roasting, preparation methods and the barista can all affect the flavour in your daily cuppa.


Exclusive Masterclass tickets are just $35.00 including event admission and are selling fast, click the red ‘Early Bird tickets’ button at the top of the page to find out more!