Kako Chocolate

Kako Chocolate


When we go starry eyed while talking about our ‘art’, we are not just talking about the way the chocolates look. Sure, our chocolates are visually stunning. They are like little sparkling jewels. But this is only one level.

It is the unseen art that really drives us. We take a multi-sensory approach to our chocolate. Smooth velvety textures, aromas that can only come from real ingredients, and the visual appeal of the chocolates all combine to make something quite special. Which is all rather pointless if the taste doesn’t deliver…

Flavour is our real art. You can’t see it, but you can taste it. We dare to do things a little differently. Not to blow our own trumpet, but flavour is something we are really good at. We like to push boundaries and do things with chocolate that haven’t been done before. OK, so we blew our own trumpet a little.

The last ingredient is our team. Chocolate brands are not created over night, and our team works exceptionally hard to deliver a product we can be proud of. Our people are passionate. We love making amazing chocolate. They say food made with passion tastes better – and we agree. The essence of art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure (Dale Carnegie). Basically, we love what we do, and we get a lot of pleasure in creating memorable and enjoyable chocolate experiences.

Sharing our art is how we connect with the world.

It’s our way of saying “Kia ora, from New Zealand.”